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Community Health Associates (CHA)offers services to all individuals. A thorough clinical assessment identifies the person’s strengths, needs, abilities, and personal
preferences. Our staff uses this information to formulate an individualized service plan (ISP) that guides the treatment process from beginning to end. Our philosophy of care is
dedicated to helping improve the quality of lives of children, adults, families, and the communities they live in, by building upon strengths. Our philosophy supports every consumer’s right to receive care in the least restrictive setting, to live independently when possible, to be employed, to lead a healthy
lifestyle, and to be educated.

CHA Services:
Adult Services
Adult care coordination & support services

ï?¶ Children Services
Children care coordination & support services

ï?¶ Psychiatric Health
Evaluations, medication management & consultation

ï?¶ Integrated Physical Health Services
Preventive care | Routine & Sport Physicals | Chronic Disease Management | Diabetes & Care Management | Nutritional Counseling | Smoking Cessation | EKG's | Lab Services | Cholesterol Screening Treatment & Education | Stress Management | Health Management | Co-occurring & Chronic Conditions | Healthy Eating | Ear, Nose, Throat | Dermatology Services

ï?¶ Crisis Services
Crisis Mobile Team | Intervention and follow up

ï?¶ Community Re-Entry
Jail Liaison and Court Liaison care coordination | Fee-for-service court involved treatment and Education

ï?¶ Domestic Violence | Anger Management | Cognitive Skills | Substance Abuse Education/Treatment, and Parenting classes

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