El Charro Cafe



About Us

El Charro Cafe is one of Yuma's oldest family-owned restaurants. Founded in 1949 by our beloved grandparents, Antonio & Dolores Gutierrez. They had a dream of owning their own restaurant and made that dream come true on a Good Friday in 1949. Located on Fourth Avenue, it was a small café with a lunch counter and seating for 50 people. With Grandma Lola's Mexican and American recipes, it quickly became a favorite spot for Yuma families. The green chile saddle was one of the biggest sellers.

In 1970, they moved to a much larger building on Eighth Street, which is the current location. In 1975, they passed down El Charro Café to their eldest son, Raul (Sonny). Raul kept up the tradition using the same recipes that were handed down to him. In 2015, Raul passed down the business to two of his daughters, Anna and Pauline. With both of them growing up at the restaurant, they were excited and honored to be able to carry on the traditions that their grandparents started in 1949.

El Charro Café is proud to have served the Yuma community for 69 years!

Voted Yuma's Best Mexican Food Restaurant in 2017!