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Green Valley Pool Service & Repair was established in 1970 as Green Valley Pool & Patio, by Frank and Doris Musgrave, Janet’s stepfather and mother. Neither Frank nor Doris had any swimming pool experience. However, after seeing the need for a swimming pool retail store with pool service & repair in Yuma, they began Green Valley with hard work and determination. Frank and Doris made a lot of trips to Phoenix to receive mentoring by professionals in the Phoenix area. They began to build their business on, “we won’t say we don’t know or we can’t help somebody. We will find out”. This kind of culture is what began to make Green Valley a successful business.
In 2001, Doris sold the business to Tim & Janet Craig, who are the current owners. Being a second generation family business has its pros and cons. A pro is you are not starting the business from scratch but are carrying on an already well known & successful business. The con is it is hard to make changes in the way you run the business, change products, etc. different from what people have been used to.
Since 2001, Green Valley has continued to thrive through the economical ups and downs. Green Valley has grown to twice the size, both in revenues and team members. We have added profit sharing and other benefits to our team members. In 2014, after 44 years in swimming pool and spa retail, Tim & Janet began their strategy to shut down the retail portion of the business. Green Valley Pool & Patio became known as Green Valley Pool Service & Repair.
In May of 2017, Green Valley moved out of their location of 38 years at 2301 S Avenue A to 3143 E 33rd Place, Suite B, in an industrial park. We had grown out of our current location for our fleet of vehicles. We also decided to concentrate on what we do best, swimming pool/spa service and repair.
Green Valley Pool Service & Repair continues to train and strive to give customers superior service and repair while developing long-term relationships through trust and customer service. We enjoy being a small business and the opportunity it gives to help young men and women learn a trade.
We have been voted Yuma's Best Pool Service by readers of The Sun in 2001,2002,2004,2005,2006,2009,2012,2018,2019,2020,2021