Invicta Financial Group



About Us

BDT & Associates, Inc. serves a select group of clients who desire to achieve a higher quality of life by making smart choices about their money.

We believe the highest compliment we can pay our clients, is to listen. After years of listening through client Focus Groups, we have discovered three things that our clients want:
â—¦The first is a high trust relationship with a financial advisor so they can delegate their financial affairs and be free to enjoy a higher quality of life;
â—¦The second is for their advisor to hear what is important to them, to quantify their goals in terms of time and money, assess their current financial reality, and then write a comprehensive action plan that gives them the highest probability to achieve their goals;
â—¦Finally, our clients want to know they can count on us for dependable service. They want to know they are valued, and that their trust will be honored. They want a regular review process that lets them know how they are progressing toward their goals. They want direction if adjustments are needed along the way.

In summary, we serve a select community of clients who want to delegate their financial affairs to a trusted advisor. We derive great satisfaction in seeing our clients unencumbered from the cares of money and released to pursue the things in life that really matter to them... their spiritual development, their health, their family relationships, their friendships, their vacations, their personal growth, their professional development or their retirement.