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About Us

Custom professional Web site and graphic design. We are located in Historic Downtown Yuma and have been serving Yuma, Arizona for 17 years.

Website Design Services

MGM Design's ability to develop beautiful websites with intuitive navigation systems and elegant administrative functions and the ability to customize develop solutions to fit any need have made MGM the success that it is today. The process begins with a client interview and consultation to identify needs, features and approximate budgets. Then, MGM delivers a proposal and fixed price sheet.

Graphic Design

The MGM Design team includes university-trained and real-world experienced designers who can assist you with any level of high-end design. Projects often begin with logo design that will act as the cornerstone for your business' branding and identity. We have the ability to walk our clients through the entire design process, the end result of which is a logo that looks as professional and reliable as your business. We also specialize in standard or highly customized business cards, flyers, brochures and other print collateral that will evoke reaction and action when distributed to your potential customers and clients.

Professional solutions also available for Website Hosting, Cloud based email with Google Apps for Work & social media campaigns.