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About Us

Old Souls was founded with a mission of rescuing geriatric, special needs, and hospice animals and providing them with a loving home, a soft bed, compassionate care, and the dignified end of life that they deserve. Our goal is to ensure that no geriatric, special needs, or hospice animal dies alone, afraid, or unloved.

It's hard to imagine, but many animals are abandoned in their old age because they require more intensive care and are no longer playful and youthful. At Old Souls Animal Rescue and Retirement Home, we seek out these forgotten geriatric and special needs animals, particularly those who are within weeks or months of going to the Rainbow Bridge. We feel that after all they have been through, they deserve a dignified end of life in which they feel loved, comforted, and special.

When animals come to Old Souls, they spend their time resting on orthopedic beds, eating delicious healthy food (sometimes homemade!), taking just enough medicine to keep them comfortable, and sharing their lives with other old animals. They truly become part of a loving family, many times for the first time in their lives. Thanks to our specially made doggy doors that leads to grassy backyard areas, dogs, cats, and pigs of all sizes can let themselves in and out whenever they choose without navigating steps or having to push on a door. They also have a toy box full of stuffed animals, balls, and chew toys (for those who still have teeth!). We spend quality time with every animal every day so for at least a little while each day, each animal feels like they are our only animal. Sometimes when animals come to us, they live for only a few days, but other times, they surprise us and live well beyond their expected years.

There are no cages at our rescue - everyone has the run of the house (although there's not much running!). They lounge on the couch, sleep in our bed, and sun themselves in the yard whenever they like. While rescuing these animals always results in tears, we believe that no old animal should have to die alone and scared in a shelter or homeless on the streets, so we give them the dignified end of life they deserve ... and in return they give us endless happiness and incredible memories of their loyal loving spirits.



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