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About Us

We have worked hard to make ourselves the premier builder in Yuma.
Our commitment is to build each relationship with respect, trust and honestly. This sets us apart from many builders and is one big reason why we have served so many fine organizations and companies.
It is impossible to succeed in our area without repeat business. Our customers come back time and again for one simple reason -- the uncompromising quality of our work. We hire only the best subcontractors and make sure things are done right the first time.
Big-city contractors can specialize in one industry or area of expertise. To succeed in Yuma, we need to be able to offer each customer all of the services they need. And that is exactly what we do.
We have the expertise to manage your project from site selection to planting the final tree in the landscape. Our designers, engineers, construction managers and the site planner will sit down with you to learn exactly what you want -- then turn your dreams into reality. We have been in Yuma long enough to understand how to cut through red tape and keep your project moving forward.


AWC 3C Building & Schoening Conference Center
Gila Ridge High School Auditorium
Yuma Theater Renovation
Yuma International Airport
Castle Dome Middle School
Yuma County Juvenile Court
City of Yuma Public Works Building
AWC Pipeline & Futures Building
Johnson Controls Parking Lot Expansion

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