Yuma Landing Bar & Grill



About Us

The Captain has ordered some changes to the menu....okay, the whole menu, also amazing and incredible as it may seem, most of the menu will be available in the bar every night until closing. This is seriously cool and unavailable most elsewhere in Yuma.

Don't choke down that hot dog, pal. There's sirloin available 'til late at Yuma Landing. See you there!!!! Hometown bar & grill, hometown comfortable.

We figure our place should be whatever you want, whenever you want it. So we make most our menu (our NEW menu) available any hour the bar is open. Have an appetizer. Have a sirloin. It's up to you. Make some noise for March Madness or a NFL championship... or hide in a quieter corner and talk to friends. We try to mix up the entertainment a little to keep it....well, entertaining. This is one of Yuma Arizona Attractions, check out the Arizona State Monument in front of restaurant.


We put the GRILL in BAR & GRILL. Full service, steaks, seafood, Southwestern specialties. Our appetizer menu by itself is simply amazing.

BIG SCREENS. You want 'em, we got 'em. A bunch, like, everywhere. Football, baseball, soccer, golf, NASCAR, basketball, and hockey.

Did we mention drinks? Yes, we have drinks. We pour the national favorites and some wonderful regional specialties, too. Ask your server for a recommendation. Don't fall down.


Yes, there was a Yuma Landing at the Yuma Landing. We're half a block from the Colorado River and in the middle of the funky, old HISTORIC NORTH END, complete with prisons, parks, locomotives, museums and Chapels of Love. We come by it naturally it's our heritage and we love it and it's all over our walls. We have one of the biggest collections of historic photos on display in Yuma. Check 'em out while you suck suds and munch popcorn chicken.

This Yuma Restaurant is like no other in Yuma, Arizona. Located just 2 blocks from the Colorado River. This is one of the historical sites of Yuma. The Yuma Landing Bar & Grill is one of the largest sports bars in Yuma. It offers everything from an espresso to steaks. Yuma Landing Bar and Grill is concerned one of the largest Yuma Restaurants in the Historic North End, see you there. This Yuma Bar is full of flat screen TV's, NFL, NHL, NBL, NBA, and lots of sports fun!!

Change Your Flight Pattern break out of the monotony of your routine. Treat yourself to a local treasure/pleasure. Repeat as necessary.