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We use only products that come from Nature… Pure Essential Oils, in many scents. To provide the very best quality goat milk products at a fair price so all may enjoy and benefit from our products.

It started 11 years ago, when our granddaughter was diagnosed with Eczema. My daughter informed us that the prescribed medications were only making it worse after weeks of use. Our family had a Lotion Recipe that had been brought over by a great aunt (in 1697) that was used by the village to treat skin conditions. So, I made a batch to see if it would help. I told my daughter to apply twice a day. Two weeks goes by, and I get a call saying her eczema, was clearing up. Our daughter had taken her off the meds and was only using the goat’s milk lotion and soap I had given her. At 6 weeks her eczema was gone.